Deep Stories

"Love" Edition
Deep Stories Halifax

Nasha Nijhawan

"Is this ever going to end? Am I ever going to get past this part? Am I ever going to understand this tiny forceful being that I’ve brought into the world?"                          

Chloe Kennedy

“Rom-coms are an art form that very rarely imitate real life—that’s why it was particularly incredible to me a few years ago when my friends and I lived through a series of coincidences and fortunate events that a rom-com plot would kind of resemble."

Adam Fine

“Our daughter is placed on an incubator, and they put in a little plastic bag to keep her warm. She was born at just 630 grams, which is about the weight of a package of butter.

Paul Vienneau

"I disappeared for an eternity: what I call the cosmic light switch. I came to on my back, and this was the amount of life I had left, and as I was pouring it out, I could see the bottom of the bottle."

Martha Paynter

"I thought nursing could be my practice, my work. It turns out it’s more of a basement on top of which I’m trying to build a meaningful life. But love is the work of the building."

Emily Baron Cadloff

"I look back at the ring, and then at Justin, and the ring, and I say, 'How could you do this to me?!' And then I jumped off the bed: 'I have to go get the pizza for dinner!' And I left the house."                                          

"Risk" Edition
Deep Stories Halifax

Maggie Rahr

"Chris reminds me that Jeff was so poetic, that he could make poetry out of anything, whether it's a sunrise or a cigarette butt. And I want to tell you something that magical about my own brother."


Raja Salim

“Moving from As-Suwayda to Damascus was harder than moving to Canada. And the distance between As-Suwayda and Damascus, for sure, is longer than the distance between Istanbul and Nova Scotia.”


Vaughn Stafford Gray

“My mother said, ‘Because you’re a virgin, I think you’re afraid of having sex, and you should hire someone to teach you'. My mother was at the time a 72-year-old ex-headmistress, telling me to find a prostitute…so I said, 'We need to have a conversation.'”